Miyake Diner Opens Tonight

Renowned Chef Masa Miyake Returns to Original Location with a New Approach

 January 20, 2014 — PORTLAND, Maine — Tonight marks the opening of Miyake Diner, the third offering from Chef Masa Miyake, co-owner of Miyake and Pai Men Miyake restaurants. Located at 129 Spring Street, Miyake Diner will blend Japanese culinary exploration with superior service and attention to detail that is sure to provide customers with a transformative dining experience.

Unlike Miyake or Pai Men Miyake, Miyake Diner’s menu will not include standard items like sushi or sashimi. The restaurant will be in the Japanese izakaya tradition — a gastro pub — serving a collection of small plates similar to Spanish tapas-style dining.

Miyake Diner

Miyake Diner will introduce visitors to a wide variety of nihonshu, or sake, that will serve to enhance the dining experience. While the concept of pairing beverages with meals is not new, Chef Miyake’s use of sake as an important part of his culinary offerings will also broaden customers’ knowledge of the traditional Japanese beverage.

“We’re very excited to return to our old location, return to our roots,” said Chef Miyake. “Miyake Diner will give a nod to our approach at Miyake and Pai Men Miyake, while exploring new ground with traditional but adventurous izakaya dishes created with our farm-to-table philosophy.”

Though he prides himself on sourcing the best products from around the world, Chef Miyake’s true passion and priority is following a farm-to-table model whenever possible. On Miyake Farm in Freeport, Chef Miyake raises and breeds a wide variety of livestock to supply his restaurants with the freshest products possible. Miyake Diner will follow that same model, offering customers dishes composed of the freshest ingredients — grown and raised a mere 15 miles away.

Chef Miyake has built not only a local, but also a worldwide reputation for offering patrons a unique dining experience that challenges them to dine with imagination. Miyake Diner will continue that trend, while also presenting old favorites with a twist that only Chef Miyake can provide. “We want to offer diners a place where they can be both comfortable and courageous,” said William Garfield, co-owner of Miyake Diner. “The trust we’ve built with our customers at Miyake and Pai Men Miyake allows Chef Miyake to continue to push the envelope with flavor combinations and unique ingredients. Our patrons should always expect the unexpected.”

With an intimate setting of only 16 seats, a relaxed atmosphere, and a personal connection between patrons and staff, Miyake Diner will join Miyake and Pai Men Miyake as key contributors to Portland’s rich culinary reputation.

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